Activities for all Age Groups

The Morro Bay Recreation Services offers a wide variety of classes and activities for all age groups. Visit Activity Registration for more information.
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Activity Registration

For your convenience, you may register for activities/classes in person at the Morro Bay Community Center, (1001 Kennedy Way). The Morro Bay Recreation Services front desk is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. In most cases, registration is not accepted during the activity or class. Call 805-772-6278 for more information and activity / class availability. Online registration is possible for most activities.

Release of Liability

A Release of Liability must be signed prior to participation in any activity or class. The Release of Liability is on the bottom of the registration forms (PDF) and on all computer receipts. Additionally, if the activity or class is for participants 17 and under, a Minor Activity Registration and Release Agreement (PDF) may also be required.

Prorating Policy

Registrants shall pay the entire fee for any activity or class at the beginning of the activity / class session or month. Registration taken after an activity / class has begun will be prorated. Prorating of fees shall also be allowed in the event of Department cancellations of activities / classes. An individual's voluntary or personal absence from a scheduled activity / class shall not be prorated.