OES 388

About the Apparatus

  • Year & Make: 2017 HME Aherens-Fox
  • Classification:Type 1 Fire Engine
  • Water Pump:Single Stage Hale
  • Water Pump Capacity:1,250 Gallons Per Minute
  • Water Tank Capacity: 800 Gallons
  • Auxiliary Water Pump: Single Stage Darley
  • Auxiliary Water Pump Capacity: 80 Gallons Per Minute
  • Foam System: 20 Gallons Class A Foam
  • Fire Hose Capacity: 3,200 Feet
  • Ground Ladders: Extension Ladder (24'), Roof Ladder(14'), and an Attic Ladder (10')
  • EMS Equipment: Basic Life Support/EMT Level
  • Rescue Equipment: Forcible Entry Tools, 400 Feet of Rescue Rope, & Associated Tools & Hardware for Emergencies Involving Rescue Operations/ Urban Search & Rescue
    This unit is owned by the California State Office of Emergency Services (OES) and it is staffed by members of the Morro Bay Fire Department. It is part of a state-wide Mutual Aid Emergency Response program administered by OES. It is equipped for extended response outside of Morro Bay, throughout The State of California, and the Western U.S.

    Primary Mission
    • Second Out/Reserve Apparatus:
      • EMS
      • Fire
      • Rescue
      • Statewide Emergency Response Via the California Office of Emergency Services
    •  Urban Search and Rescue Emergencies
      • Wildland fires
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