OES 274

About the Vehicle
  • Year and Make: 1999 HME
  • Pump: Waterous
  • Rated Capacity: 1,250 gpm
  • Tank Size: 750 gallons
  • Foam: 20 gallons Class A
  • Fire hose: Over 1,500 feet structure and 1,000 feet of wild land
  • Ground ladders: 48 feet
  • EMS equipment: BLS level
  • Rescue equipment: 300 feet rescue rope, rescue hardware bag, and hand tools
    This unit is owned by the California State Office of Emergency Services (OES). It is staffed by members of the Morro Bay Fire Department. It is part of a state-wide disaster response program administered by OES. It is equiped for extended response outside of Morro Bay.

    Primary Mission
    • Reserve Engine
      • EMS
      • Fire
      • Rescue
    • Out of County assignments
      • Wildland fires
      • USAR emergencies
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