Rescue 5351

About the Vehicle
  • Year & Make: 2009 Pierce Rescue with Kenworth chassis
  • Classification: Cal EMA Medium Rescue
  • Features: Willburt Nightscan light tower, 12,000 pound-winch, rope tie-offs on the front and rear, 12-foot lumber storage, 15,000 watt PTO generator
  • Ground Ladders: 24 feet
  • EMS equipment: Paramedic level
  • Rescue Equipment; Hydraulic extrication tools, electric saws, rescue rope and rescue hardware bag; hand tools, forcible entry tools, confined space tools, etc.
Primary Mission
  • Rescue
    • Confined Space Rescue
    • High/Low Angle Rescue
    • Building Collapse
    • Water Rescue
    • Trench Rescue
    • Auto Extrication
  • EMS