Post Construction - Low Impact Development (LID)

Post-Construction Management Best Practices
Long-Term Post-Construction Best Management Practices (BMP) are measures to protect water quality and control runoff flows in new and significant redevelopment projects. As a site is developed the site becomes less permeable and therefore less water can infiltrate back into the ground. LID techniques attempt to mimic the natural site hydrology before development.
hydrology changes due to development image.jpg
Rain Gardens
Rain gardens allow the roof water to infiltrate back into the ground water.
rain garden image1.jpg
rain garden image2.jpg

Hydromodification Criteria & LID

The City of Morro Bay is required by the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board to implement Hydromodification Criteria and LID. The City participated in a Joint Effort with other municipalities and agencies on the Central Coast to develop Hydromodification Criteria for long term watershed protection.

The results of that Joint Effort included the preparation of the Stormwater Management Guidance Manual for Low Impact Development & Post-Construction Requirements. Two versions of the Manual are available. The condensed EZ Manual (PDF) is for individual single family homes. The Main Manual (PDF) is used for all other projects. For more information on the Joint Effort, visit the Central Coast Waterboard's website.


The following resources may be useful in designing facilities to meet the requirements described in the Guidance Manual: