Assessment Districts

Cloisters Subdivision History

Prior to development, the area known as The Cloisters, was a privately owned 80-plus acre expanse of open land. The property was historically used for access and contained a large area of sensitive sand dunes abutting the eastern edge of Atascadero State Beach. On September 23, 1996, City Council passed Resolution Number 69-96 which accepted the final map for Tract 1996 known as The Cloisters Subdivision, consisting of 124 lots. Lots 1 through 120 were for single-family residential purposes, lots 121, 122 were for the 34-acre park and open space, lot 123 was offered to the State, and lot 124 was dedicated for a fire station.
The assessment district formation proceedings concluded with the final public hearing for formation on September 23, 1996, which levied the annual assessment of $148,944 for the maintenance of the 34 acres of public resource lands including; open space and natural lands, wetland area and pond used for drainage mitigation for homes constructed in Cloisters, median landscaping, street trees and improvements on public street frontages, a neighborhood park and recreation area, fencing, and other public improvements.

Engineer's Annual Levy Report FY16/17


Installation, maintenance, and servicing of public improvements is the responsibility of the Public Works Department Consolidated Maintenance Staff. On August 1, 2012, Department Staff successfully negotiated with a local contractor to perform the majority of the maintenance work set by the Engineer's Report. The Cloisters Assessment District Budget estimates the revenue and expenditures, which includes contractual, as well as, Department labor.

The Contract for Services requires performing maintenance duties on a daily basis, as well as, duties on a periodic basis. These routine maintenance tasks are outlined in the Maintenance Frequency Schedule (PDF). Along with maintaining the District improvements, the contractor is required to manage the use of water; both in the turf and planted areas. Watering is mainly performed automatically by an extensive drip system at multiple valve stations.

Water Frequency Schedule

The City Council declared an emergency water condition on January 28, 2014, and elected to enact mandatory water conservation requirements for a Severely Restricted Water Supply Condition in accordance with Section 13.04.345C. These restrictions have resulted in the following watering schedule for the Cloisters Assessment District:
  • Cloisters Park will be watered on Tuesdays and Saturdays
  • Parkways and the Roundabout will be watered on Wednesdays and Sundays
More information about the Emergency Water Condition Declaration can be found online.

North Point Natural Area History

As a condition of approval for Tract No. 2110, the North Point subdivision, the developers were required to offer to the City for dedication Lot 11 of the subdivision for park purposes, and to construct improvements on Lot 11 including a paved parking area, a stairway providing access to the beach, benches, landscaping and irrigation, lighting, and other improvements. The subdivision was also conditioned to provide maintenance of the park by establishing an assessment district. Lot 11 of Tract No. 2110 is identified as the North Point Natural Area.

Engineer's Annual Levy Report FY16/17