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Posted on: November 2, 2021

City Council to Review Parking Study

At its November 9, 2021 meeting, City Council will review the parking study completed by Walker Consultants.  The study looked at the current parking conditions in the Embarcadero, Morro Rock and Downtown areas.  The purpose of the study is to understand existing parking needs, how parking is currently being used and how to best plan for parking demands moving forward.  The study presents an analysis of existing parking conditions during both summer and off-season periods and includes recommendations for parking management strategies. 


The study found that there a parking challenges—particularly in the waterfront area—that could be addressed with several potential approaches, including paid parking.  


The study was presented to the Harbor Advisory Board, Public Works Advisory Board and Planning Commission in September and October.  Input gathered in those meetings and from the public will be shared with City Council on November 9.  Council will consider the study at that time and provide direction to City staff regarding any potential next steps.  


The $50,000 study was paid for through Parking in Lieu Funds; no General Fund revenues were used to support the effort.  



Parking Study

Summary of Findings and Recommendations