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Posted on: February 5, 2024

PRESS RELEASE: MB Community Development Director selected as Pismo Beach Community Development Dir.

Contact: Yvonne Kimball, City Manager
February 2, 2024


Morro Bay, CA – Scot Graham, the City's Community Development Director, has announced his decision to leave the City of Morro Bay and return to Pismo Beach to serve as the next Community Development Director for Pismo Beach, California, beginning February 19, 2024.

Mr. Graham joined the City of Morro Bay in July of 2014 as the Planning Manager after having had worked in the City of Pismo Beach’s Planning Department for a decade. In Morro Bay, Scot was promoted to Community Development Manager in 2015, and a year later, the Community Development Director. With nine-and-a-half years in Morro Bay, Mr. Scot Graham is the City's Department Head with the longest tenure. Throughout his time at Morro Bay, he spearheaded numerous projects that have long-lasting impacts on Morro Bay’s present and future. Some of his notable achievements include the 2018 Downtown / Waterfront Strategic Plan aiming to provide strategies to connect and enhance downtown and waterfront areas; the City’s Housing Element update in 2020 and its successful certification by state; a comprehensive update of the City’s General Plan / Local Coastal Plan in 2021 (Plan Morro Bay) which depicts growth strategies for the next 30 years; and the City’s Zoning Code update in 2022 that brings compliances with recent state regulations and concurrency with the new general plan.

As the Community Development Director, Mr. Graham was charged with modernizing permitting processes. He and his team launched Cityworks in 2020, a platform that was initially used to enable online application submittal and has evolved into a comprehensive solution that integrates GIS data into both community development and public works strategies. His championship in employing technology has resulted in improved collaboration among functions of planning, zoning, and engineering, which ultimately has led to development permit timeline reduction. During his tenure as a Director, Mr. Graham successfully reorganized the department to include code enforcement and expanded the building division. As a seasoned public servant, he has put an emphasis on mentoring aspiring professionals to work for local government. Many city employees and local college graduates have benefited from his vast experience in coastal development, his philosophy of inclusion, and his creative mind in organizational efficiency. Mr. Graham understands the need to bolster civic engagement. He has tirelessly hosted or attended almost 400 community meetings, public hearings, and workshops during his service to Morro Bay.

“Leaving Morro Bay was not an easy decision, and while I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie in front of me, I will also miss the great relationships I developed with the citizens of Morro Bay, the business owners, City staff, councilmembers, and planning commissioners. I am proud of the many accomplishments the Department achieved during my time with the City, especially the completion of the General Plan and Zoning Code updates. I have nothing but gratitude for the experience and opportunities the City of Morro Bay afforded me," said Mr. Graham.

"While we are sad to see Scot depart from our team, we extend our heartfelt congratulations on his new role," said City Manager, Yvonne Kimball "Scot was one of the most hardworking directors I have worked with. His dedication to the Morro Bay community is phenomenal. My team and I will miss him. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors."

As the City transitions, arrangements for interim Community Development Director support are underway. Mr. Graham's last day with the City of Morro Bay will be February 15, 2024.