City Clerk


The City Clerk, appointed by the City Manager, is responsible for the following:
  • City Council Meeting Agendas - Coordinating, preparing, and distributing all City Council agendas
  • Public Records - Providing public access to all official records of City Council actions (minutes, resolutions, ordinances, etc.)
  • Information Dissemination - Preparing legal and promotional publications, notices of public hearings and advisory board vacancies; Codification and dissemination of the city's Municipal Code
  • Ministerial Duties - Administering oaths of office, attesting and sealing official documents, receiving and filing all petitions and appeals, acting as or designating the city's Risk Manager
  • Statements of Economic Interest - Filing official for all State and local financial disclosure statements, which include Statements of Economic Interest for members of the City Council, designated employees, and advisory board members in accordance with the city's Conflict of Interest Code as adopted in Resolution No. 57-21 (PDF); Also responsible for campaign disclosure statements for all local candidates and campaign committees. For more information, view Fair Political Practices Commission
  • City Council Support - Providing clerical and administrative support to the Mayor and City Council
  • Advisory Bodies - Coordinating all appointments by the City Council to city advisory bodies (Commission/Advisory Board Application (PDF))
  • FPPC Form 806 Filing - Agency Report of: Public Official Appointments (PDF)
  • Elections - Conducting all regular and special elections, including processing and certifying citizen-generated petitions
  • Senate Bill 272 - Updating the catalog of Enterprise Systems required by SB 272SB 272 added a section to the California Public Records Act requiring local agencies to create a catalog of Enterprise Systems by July 1, 2016 with annual updates.