Harbor Administration & Leases

Harbor Administration, under the supervision of the Harbor Director, oversees all operations of the Harbor Department including: Administration, Harbor Patrol, Business Services and Facilities.

Administrative Duties

The main functions of the Administrative staff are Lease / Property Management, Business Services, Harbor-related policy development, and long-term planning. Harbor Administration is involved with harbor-related issues such as, fishing industry regulations and challenges, dredging and harbor maintenance, environmental issues, and economic vitality.
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State Granted Tidelands
Our Department administers all State Granted Tidelands along the Morro Bay waterfront that were granted to the City upon incorporation. Under the Tidelands Grant Statute, all revenues received from the Tidelands must be used for operation and improvement of the Tidelands. There are approximately 50 Tidelands lease-sites managed by the Harbor Department, The City slip and mooring facilities also fall within the Tidelands Grant.