Del Mar Park


Del Mar Park is a lush 9-acre neighborhood park. This tranquil park features an outdoor basketball court, amphitheater, pickleball courts, children's play area, horseshoe pits, and two great barbecue and picnic areas along with a large meadow area perfect for volleyball, soccer, and Frisbee games. Del Mar Park is also the home of a soft-court tennis complex and new permanent pickleball courts.

The walking paths throughout the park are frequently used by responsible dog owners that keep their pets on a leash at all times while at the park. 


This Park is not only unique because of its size and beauty, but also because it is one of the few parks within the County that is also home to a natural creek and the habitat associated with creeks. There are also a wide variety of trees within the park and visitors will find some of the trees accompanied by dedication plaques.

Children's Play Area

In September 2007, the Children's Play Area was renovated. The new play area features a 28-foot, brightly colored climbing structure with lookout points, a zip-line, a rope climbing structure, a moving play apparatus (called a Multi-Pondo - a new fashioned seesaw), a swirling slide, and newly painted swings.
Del Mar Park
3060 Ironwood Ave.; Morro Bay, CA