Local Roadway Safety Plan (LRSP)

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The City of Morro Bay, California, is developing a Local Roadway Safety Plan (LRSP) that will identify areas for roadway and safety improvements on local roads. The City has received grant funding from Caltrans to conduct this plan, which will develop potential safety improvement projects for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists and in turn, make the City eligible for future state roadway safety funding!

As part of the LRSP development, the City plans to: 

  • Identify high-risk crash areas with community input
  • Analyze crash data, maintenance logs, and safety audits to develop a locally focused safety plan
  • Proactively improve safety along local roads by proposing a list of prioritized safety projects 
  • Provide an implementation timeline for the prioritized list of improvement projects
  • Host events for communities to provide input and ask questions with the project team present

What is an LRSP?

A LRSP is a data-driven technical analysis that strives to understand the existing trends, factors, and causes of collisions within a community. Based on this analysis, the LRSP creates a framework to recommend and prioritize safety improvements on a citywide level for future planning and development efforts towards a safer community for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.  

Keep reading to learn more about ways to stay involved with the project and provide feedback about roadway safety improvements in Morro Bay!

Suggest areas for improvement in your neighborhood by leaving a comment on our interactive map or email the LRSP Team.

Community Events

We want to hear from YOU! Use this Community Events page to stay informed about upcoming workshops and meetings with members of the project team and the City of Morro Bay.

Unable to attend one of our live events in person? You can still make your voice heard by submitting a comment on our interactive map or sending an email to the LRSP Team.

Community Workshop

Get Involved! City of Morro Bay Local Roadway Safety Plan (LRSP)

The City of Morro Bay will develop a LRSP to identify areas for roadway and safety improvements in your community! The LRSP team will develop & propose potential safety improvement projects to enhance transportation for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists in the area.  

Community input, along with data from safety audits and crashes, will inform the LRSP process to ensure that the proposed safety projects speak directly to community needs and local history.

Interactive Map

Where Would you Like to See Change? 

Point out areas on the interactive map below where you'd like to see safety improvements for the Morro Bay LRSP.

Where are issues and concerns you have about vehicle crashes in your area? 

Click the green "Add a Comment" button in the interactive map to identify problem locations in the project area. Leave a comment describing the challenges/solutions you'd like to see at the selected location. Be sure to choose your comment type from the pedestrian, bicyclist, motorists, and other categories provided in the toolbar.

We Want to Hear from You! 

To provide feedback about your experiences and where you’d like to see future safety improvements, please connect with the project team in person at our community engagement workshop. The LRSP status update and workshop originally scheduled for the October 15, 2023 Public Works Advisory Board (PWAB) has been pushed out to a special PWAB meeting in November (date TBD) and a second Community Engagement workshop will be scheduled in October 2023 (date TBD). Once these dates are confirmed, the website will be updated. In the meantime, comments can be submitted to the LRSP Team via email or the interactive map.

Where: To be determined 

When: October 2023, date to be determined so please check back periodically

What: LRSP Community Engagement #2

Who: The City of Morro Bay and the Local Roadway Safety Plan Development Team

Why: Suggest areas for safety improvement projects and discuss safe transportation in Morro Bay communities

Can't Make it to the Community Engagement meeting? Email your comments to our LRSP Team.