Engineering Division

Services Provided

The Engineering Division is responsible for ensuring that public and private street and sidewalk facilities, storm drainage, water supply, sewage collection, public facilities, and landscaped areas are designed and constructed in a manner consistent with City and other applicable codes and standards. Emphasis is placed upon the protection and preservation of natural resources and our coastal marine environment.

Encroachment Permits

Work done within the City's right-of-way requires an Encroachment Permit. Download and complete Encroachment Permit Application. (NEW PDF FILLABLE APPLICATION) 

Encroachment Permit submittal will be processed, and applicant will be notified of permit fees due. Please make sure to allow 2-3 business days (after submitting all required documents) to process and issue encroachment permits. Permits can be paid via credit card by phone or mail, or open counter hours. For any questions or to submit an application, please contact engineering at or (805) 772-6285.

Special Encroachment Permit Agreement

Structures within the City's right-of-way requires a Special Encroachment Permit. To submit a request for this permit, please follow the Special Encroachment Permit Instructions.

Blanket Encroachment Permits

The Blanket Encroachment Permit application is used to allow temporary uses of public outdoor dining or sales on public property. To submit a request for this permit, please use the following link for application and instructions: Blanket Encroachment Permit

Final Maps

Final & Parcel Map Checklist: Download and complete the checklist, Final & Parcel Map Checklist. Submit with required documents and plans. Requirements and preparation of Final & Parcel Map, can be found at the City of Morro Bay Municipal Code Title 16-Subdivisions: