Chief Amy Watkins

Watkins 2023
Chief's Welcome

Welcome to the Morro Bay Police Department web site. The Morro Bay Police Department consists of 18 sworn officers, 5 professional staff members, and 15 police volunteers including our Chaplaincy, and Police Explorer Post. 

The mission of the Morro Bay Police Department is to provide the highest level of police services in partnership with our community. 

The men and women of the Morro Bay Police Department work diligently every contact to ensure we provide the best service to our community. Service with decency, respect, integrity, and equity for all. We hire, train, and develop compassionate people to help serve and keep our community safe. We cherish the relationships we have with so many in our community and remain committed to building relationships for a strong and united future with the community that is Morro Bay.

I invite you to join us for one of our many community events throughout the year, where you can get to know the dedicated men and women of the Morro Bay Police Department.

Amy Watkins
Chief of Police