Bayshore Bluffs Park

About Bayshore Bluffs
Bayshore Bluffs consists of 3.2 acres of natural meadow (full of beautiful wild flowers in the spring) and maintained park space. This park became a reality as a result of the nearby condominium development. Bayshore Bluffs was the first park maintained through a Lighting and Maintenance Assessment District, which has recently been dissolved.

Point of Interest
During an El Niño storm a number of years ago, a Monterey Cypress (one of the only indigenous tree types in Morro Bay) was blown down across the pathway. After contemplation, the Parks Division decided to leave the tree in its blown down state and allow it to grow across the pathway instead of removing it. Today the tree makes an arch across the pathway and is a point of interest for children as well as adults.
Bayshore Bluffs
This serene park is a roosting area for Cormorant birds making it a wonderful area for birding. Additionally, the Morro Bay Bike Path runs through the park giving bikers scenery and a sense of tranquility. The pathways lead through the park to an observation deck that showcases the beautiful bay and local wildlife. Along the pathways, which were rehabilitated several years ago by the local California Conservation Corps, there are several dedicated benches.

A hand launch for kayaks or small non-motorized boats can be found at Bayshore. The stairway leading down to the launch allows park-goers to view the many abalone and oyster shells, (it is illegal to remove the shells) left over from years ago when that particular area was used for abalone and oyster harvesting. Picnic benches and barbecues can also be found in this park.