Cloisters Park

About Cloisters Park

Cloisters Park was completed in 1989, along with the Cloisters Housing Development. In 1992, the City officially took over the maintenance of the park and is fiscally supported by the Cloisters Assessment District. During the construction, the willows that can be seen in the current wetland area were actually removed from the area, preserved, and then replanted in the newly created wetland.

Wetland Area

The wetland area is home to a wide variety of birds and small fish. This beautiful neighborhood park has several unique features including walking paths that lead to south and north beach access ways and a wetland area.


Visitors will find a children's play area, public restrooms, picnic tables, and pedestal barbecues. Visitors will also notice that this park does not have trees. This is in accordance to guidelines set by the Coastal Commission to preserve the watershed. Cloisters Park complies with ADA regulations.
Cloisters Park