Mariner Memorial Park

In 1985, the Recreation and Parks Department began the renovation process of a small open space area near an existing pier on the south end of the Embarcadero. This new park space, dedicated to the memory of all mariners lost at sea, would become a visitor serving area with pier / water access, picnic benches, and breath taking views of the bay.

Ernest Skinner Pierce
Around this same time a local family was in search of a location in Morro Bay for a memorial to the late Ernest Skinner Pierce. Skinner lived his entire life in Morro Bay and loved the area. He and his family had great ties to the area as one of the pioneers in abalone business. Unfortunately, in 1983, Ernest was killed several miles north of Morro Bay on Highway 1 in one of California's largest landslides in its history.
Mariner Memorial Park
Pierce Memorial
Ernest was working on the repair and reconstruction of a section of the highway, when his tractor loader was swept off the side of the cliff by a mudslide. It became clear to the Pierce Family and the Recreation and Parks Department that the soon to be renovated Mariner Memorial Park would be a great location for a memorial to Skinner. In the late spring of 1986, the California Conservation Corps began the renovations for Mariner Memorial Park with the support of the Pierce Family. Today, the small memorial park area is still enjoyed by thousands of visitors and residents alike.