North Point

The City of Morro Bay officially accepted Lot 11 of the North Point Subdivision on October 28, 1996. Prior to acceptance, the project developer installed the improvements in this 1.3-acre, natural area including a non-irrigated meadow area, decomposed granite and asphalt walkways, beach access stairway, drip irrigation system, public access signage, and parking lot.

The park is maintained through funds collected by a Landscaping and Lighting Maintenance Assessment District. The maintenance costs of the park are approximately $5,700 yearly.
Beach Access Stairway
One of the most used amenities at the park is the beach access stairway, which was designed with input from Recreation and Parks staff. The stairway provides access to the beach from the bluff top park. Once at the beach, people can walk north to the Cayucos Pier or south to Morro Rock. The stairway also leads down to one of the best tide pooling areas, (low tide only and please use caution on the slippery rocks). Make sure and visit North Point in the next few months when the meadow area is overrun with blooming wild flowers of many colors and species, or catch a sunset while sitting on one of the many benches provided on the bluff.